Founder and CEO, Adam Chronister, with over 10 years of experience in dental supply and technology management, recognized the challenges dentists face balancing the care of their patients with managing their business. Sitting on the water's edge at a spot in southern Alabama called Pelican Point, Adam had a vision of a connected business management software, that will help simplify the business aspects of running a dental practice. He wanted to develop something that would allow dentists more time to do what they like, caring for patients. He then formed Pelican Point Advisors and spent two and a half years working with dentists, accountants, and consultants to help realize this vision. It grew from a 250-page excel spreadsheet to what you see today, the most advanced business management software in dental.

Pelican Point Advisors, under the leadership of Adam, understands that taking care of patients isn't simple, but business management should be. We know that there are many challenges that are causing a decline in small dental practice profitability, but Pelident can help. Pelident is a software made to simplify managing a dental business and help offices grow in an increasingly competitive market.

Pelident communicates and combines multiple programs into one easy-to-use platform. By combining accounting, human resources, scheduling, marketing, and many more, onto one user-friendly dashboard, dentists are able to manage important business data more easily than ever before. Now dentists can get back to their patients and practice the way they dreamed in dental school. Just like the soaring pelicans native to the Gulf Coast, Pelident can help dental practices soar to new heights.

"Grow your practice with purpose, because growth for the sake of growth is unhealthy. First you need to know your why, what, and how and then constantly measure them, because success is only success when its measured against your purpose." - Adam Chronister


Our mission is simple.

To provide a best-in-class software suite that creates simplicity in understanding a dental practice's performance to help maximize their profit potential.


Our vision is clear

We see dental practices maximizing their profitability so that they can invest in new techniques and technology to enhance the quality of life of their patients, team, and owners.

Our history

It started 10 years ago with a vision to help dental practices grow their profits

In May of 2016 Pelican Point Advisors was formed and work immediately began working with dentists, accountants, consultants, and marketing companies to develop a world-class dental business software suite. We succeeded with Pelident, a first of its kind software to enter the dental industry.