We understand that taking care of patients isn't simple, but managing your practice with Pelident can be. Pelident is a software made to simplify managing a dental business and help offices grow in an increasingly competitive market.

Pelident is built with the dental professional in mind

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Productivity on one dashboard.

Pelident pulls important data from all of your business programs and connects the information onto one, user-friendly platform.


Pelident is designed with you in mind.

Pelident is designed to make your business life simple. Extreme effort went into the design with the philosophy that hi-tech does not have to be hi-difficult. We used expert designers and poured over the details to create a first-class user experience for you.


Pelident is on the cutting-edge of technology.

Through the use of proprietary MI (Machine Intelligence) algorithms, Pelident learns from your data to aid you in easily creating an actionable plan, because data without action is useless.


Cutting edge technology

Pelidents team of developers are always seeking new and innovative ideas to provide you with an always up-to-date software experience


The security of your practice and patient information is a top priority.

By following strict HIIPA HITECH guidelines and the use of high-level encryptions, Pelident's software ensures all your professional data will be secure and not be sold to third parties.